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How To Buy Minecraft 2015

In the cover story for the 2015 Forbes Billionaires issue, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson explains why at 35 and at the peak of his career, he decided to sell his company to the tech giant. Money wasn't the main motivator he says, it was the ability to distance himself from a game that had grown beyond his control.

how to buy minecraft 2015

Minecraft will be able to run on your MacBook Pro no problem, though from my experience with the mid-2015 2.8GHz MacBook Pro you may need to do some tweaking to get optimal performance. Simply downloading the Minecraft launcher from the official site should allow you to install and play Minecraft without issue, High Sierra is to my knowledge still supported by the latest version. The launcher will automatically deal with Java installation for you, so everything should work as expected, but in the game you may have to turn down some of the video settings to get optimal performance on your machine.

On 17 December 2015, Minecraft: Wii U Edition was released. The Wii U version received a physical release on 17 June 2016 in North America,[156] in Japan on 23 June 2016,[157] and in Europe on 30 June 2016.[158] A Nintendo Switch version of the game was released on the Nintendo eShop on 11 May 2017, along with a physical retail version set for a later date.[159] During a Nintendo Direct presentation on 13 September 2017, Nintendo announced that Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition would be available for download immediately after the livestream, and a physical copy available on a later date. The game is only compatible with the "New" versions of the 3DS and 2DS systems and does not work with the original 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS models.[14]

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft became profitable within the first day of the game's release in 2012, when the game broke the Xbox Live sales records with 400,000 players online.[266] Within a week of being on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Minecraft sold upwards of a million copies.[267] GameSpot announced in December 2012 that Minecraft sold over 4.48 million copies since the game debuted on Xbox Live Arcade in May 2012.[268] In 2012, Minecraft was the most purchased title on Xbox Live Arcade; it was also the fourth most played title on Xbox Live based on average unique users per day.[269] As of 4 April 2014[update], the Xbox 360 version has sold 12 million copies.[270] In addition, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has reached a figure of 21 million in sales.[271] The PlayStation 3 Edition sold one million copies in five weeks.[272] The release of the game's PlayStation Vita version boosted Minecraft sales by 79%, outselling both PS3 and PS4 debut releases and becoming the largest Minecraft launch on a PlayStation console.[273] The PS Vita version sold 100,000 digital copies in Japan within the first two months of release, according to an announcement by SCE Japan Asia.[274] By January 2015, 500,000 digital copies of Minecraft were sold in Japan across all PlayStation platforms, with a surge in primary school children purchasing the PS Vita version.[275] The Vita version ultimately sold over 1.1 million physical copies in Japan, making it the best-selling Vita game in the country.[276] Minecraft helped improve Microsoft's total first-party revenue by $63 million for the 2015 second quarter.[277]

In July 2010, PC Gamer listed Minecraft as the fourth-best game to play at work.[282] In December of that year, Good Game selected Minecraft as their choice for Best Downloadable Game of 2010,[283] Gamasutra named it the eighth best game of the year as well as the eighth best indie game of the year,[284][285] and Rock, Paper, Shotgun named it the "game of the year".[286] Indie DB awarded the game the 2010 Indie of the Year award as chosen by voters, in addition to two out of five Editor's Choice awards for Most Innovative and Best Singleplayer Indie.[287] It was also awarded Game of the Year by PC Gamer UK.[288] The game was nominated for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Technical Excellence, and Excellence in Design awards at the March 2011 Independent Games Festival and won the Grand Prize and the community-voted Audience Award.[289][290] At Game Developers Choice Awards 2011, Minecraft won awards in the categories for Best Debut Game, Best Downloadable Game and Innovation Award, winning every award for which it was nominated.[291][292] It also won GameCity's video game arts award.[293] On 5 May 2011, Minecraft was selected as one of the 80 games that would be displayed at the Smithsonian American Art Museum as part of The Art of Video Games exhibit that opened on 16 March 2012.[294][295] At the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, Minecraft won the award for Best Independent Game and was nominated in the Best PC Game category.[296][297] In 2012, at the British Academy Video Games Awards, Minecraft was nominated in the GAME Award of 2011 category and Persson received The Special Award.[298] In 2012, Minecraft XBLA was awarded a Golden Joystick Award in the Best Downloadable Game category,[299] and a TIGA Games Industry Award in the Best Arcade Game category.[300] In 2013, it was nominated as the family game of the year at the British Academy Video Games Awards.[301] Minecraft Console Edition won the award for TIGA Game Of The Year in 2014.[302] In 2015, the game placed 6th on USgamer's The 15 Best Games Since 2000 list.[303] In 2016, Minecraft placed 6th on Time's The 50 Best Video Games of All Time list.[304]

Minecraft was nominated for the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite App, but lost to Temple Run.[305] It was nominated for the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite Video Game, but lost to Just Dance 2014.[306] The game later won the award for the Most Addicting Game at the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards.[307] In addition, the Java Edition was nominated for "Favorite Video Game" at the 2018 Kids' Choice Awards,[308] while the game itself won the "Still Playing" award at the 2019 Golden Joystick Awards,[309] as well as the "Favorite Video Game" award at the 2020 Kids' Choice Awards.[310] Minecraft also won "Stream Game of the Year" at inaugural Streamer Awards in 2022.[311] The game later garnered a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award nomination for Favorite Video Game in 2021,[312] and won the same category in 2022 and 2023.[313][314]

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