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Kamal Polyakov
Kamal Polyakov

Inhuman Kiss

The proposed changes in visiting rules amount to cruel and inhuman punishment for both prisoners and their loved ones. And by lessening the chances for rehabilitation and consigning another generation to the system, the rules are not in the long-term interests of the rest of us.

Inhuman Kiss

It is okay for the average citizen to call Gadhafi a monster, greedy billionaire totally geeked out on drugs and power, an inhuman assassin of his own people, or just calling him for what he is: plain old human excrement. The President of th United States however, has a responsibility to moderate his words and his tone so as not to "re-inflame", if you will, the ill will of the world towards us. If Obama went around shooting off at the mouth like yours truly we'd be in WWIV. 041b061a72


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