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KeyboardTest v3.0.1000 Serial Number Generator - Get It Now

Possible uses of the software include testing faulty keyboards, batch mode testing of keyboard in a production line environment, a typing tutor aid to practice your typing and examining the internal key codes.

serial number passmark keyboard test 3.0

I-PAC has 32 inputs each with it's own dedicatedmicroprocessor pin. No interactionor delays, vital for multi-button games such as fighting games. I-PAC is much more than a keyboard encoder! Pins can be configured asmouse buttons or game controller buttons, plus power and volume control.Multi-mode functionality enables interface to be switched into dual gamepad mode or dual Xinput controller mode.I-PAC emulates a USB keyboard and yetbreaks through the USB simultaneously-pressed-switch limit of 6switches (plus ctrl,alt,shift) which afflicts all USB keyboard devices.This is beacuse it has inbuilt full native USB support, and does notrely on an add-on adaptor.I-PAC has a shift function which allows ANY input to be assignedto a shifted secondary keycode and the shift button can have it's ownfunction too so no need for a dedicated extra control panel button.I-PAC has a self-test LED which not only gives an instant visiblecheck of your installation but also can indicate which connection (ifany) is causing a problem. I-PAC retains it's programming including operation mode after power off. Beware!Not all keyboardencoders do this!

Boot PC andrun a text program such as Notepad.Observe the LED on the I-PAC should be ON in normal use. If there is afailure detected during power-up, the LED will flash a number of timesthen stay OFF.Press various player 2 buttons (some of the player 1 buttons are mappedto non-displayable codes such as ALT so best to use player 2). Youshould see characters displayed, just as if they were typed on thekeyboard.

KEYBOARD:PC should pass BIOS keyboardself-test with or without a normal keyboard connected. The unit iscapable of being used in a closed arcade cabinet with no additionalkeyboard or controls and motherboard booting into an emulation menu. Ifan auxiliary keyboard is connected it can be used fully and even usedduring gameplay alongside your control panel.

Remember that in its as-delivered mode the I-PAC emulates a keyboard. So if you bear this inmind, you can use any program that displays text to test the responsewith certain limitations. Notepad or the DOS prompt can be used forexample. You can connect a short piece of wire to GND and use the otherend to touch onto various input connections, and characters should betyped on the screen. Bear in mind, though, that the default MAMEconfiguration includes many non-printing keys such as ALT, CTRL and thearrow keys, so trying the player 2 inputs is best as these are allprintable characters.

But Notepad or DOS cannot tell you whether an input is "stuck" though so is not a complete test. For Windows, the best test is the Passmark keyboard Test which we can recommend downloading. It's a 30-day trial version but hopefully you will have it working by then!

A very common cause is connection of the inputs to the "NC" contact onthe switches instead of "NO". See the "no shift functions work" headingabove for more info. This type of problem usually occurs when a largenumber of switches are incorrectly connected. The self-test LED willindicate this problem by flashing at power-up then staying off.

All firmware except J-PAC now supports the Multi-Mode operation which enables switching to dual game controller mode or dual X-Input mode. Check the Multi-Mode tab on the product pages for more info.Before upgrading ensure you have the I-PAC shift functionality enabled otherwise mode switching will not work. The default is Start1 being the shift control.Also before upgrading to multi-mode firmware ensure the latest WinIPAC version is installed from the download page.If the board comes up in Xinput mode after upgrading, this can be reset to standard keyboard by holding P1SW1 while connecting USB cable. See the Multi-Mode product tab on the I-PAC pages for full details.

This is an alternative firmware version which enables the board to appear as a keyboard and dual standard game controller AT THE SAME TIME (both also with mouse). Note Retropie does not work with this configuration. The standard multiMode version (above) enables one device type at a time on the host (plus mouse) and this is required for Retropie. IMPORTANT: This version also requires a different version of WinIPAC for configuration.This version does not support Xinput.Unlike the Multi-Mode, this version automatically allocates each of the 2 game controllers on the respective side of the board so WinIPAC does not refer to player numbers, these are defined by the board markings. I-PAC 4 only supports 2 game controllers.

Possible uses of the software include testing faulty keyboards,batch mode testing of keyboard in a production line environment, atyping tutor aid to practice your typing and examining the internalkey codes.Keyboard layouts


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