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Hot Sale Bastron Mk75 Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gaming

After the 60% compact size with K616, Red Dragon has brought a new K618, although it is very close in naming, but the K618 is a solid ultra-thin three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, providing full-size 104 and TKL 87 key matching options, and supports hot-swappable shafts, with a wealth of custom functional areas, taking into account thin and portable, but also with a certain degree of playability.

Hot Sale Bastron Mk75 Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gaming


Red Dragon K618 RGB three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard adopts ultra-thin design, 104 key layout, suspension structure, cover metal panel, the surface of the matte feeling is relatively heavy, the base part is a plastic shell, with a certain tilt angle. This slim body also has a built-in 1900mAh battery, which can be used for 90 hours in the off-lamp state, and it takes only 6 hours to fill, and the overall weight is controlled at 706g, while the 87-key version weighs 596g.

At present, most of the ultra-thin wireless mechanical keyboards are still stuck in dual-mode wireless, and The Red Dragon K618 takes the lead in using three-mode wireless, supporting 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.0 and Type-C wired three connection methods, multi-device compatibility is self-evident. Among them, the 2.4G wireless connection speed is very fast, the stability and latency are better than the Bluetooth wireless, and also support full key no punch. In Bluetooth mode, you can memorize multiple devices and quickly switch through FN key combinations.


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