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Some of the largest dogs are also the most gentle, and this can be said of both the Scottish deerhound vs Irish wolfhound. But what traits do these dogs share, and what things separate them from one another, despite all of their physical similarities?


There are a number of key differences between a Scottish deerhound and an Irish wolfhound. The Irish wolfhound grows larger than the Scottish deerhound, in both height and weight. Additionally, the Scottish deerhound is a newer breed compared to the ancient Irish wolfhound, though both breeds are relatively old. Finally, the Scottish deerhound lives a slightly longer life compared to the Irish wolfhound.

Depending on gender, the Irish wolfhound ranges in height from 30 to 36 inches tall, while the Scottish deerhound only measures 30 to 32 inches tall. This means that the Scottish deerhound is still extremely tall- but the Irish wolfhound still measures higher! This also means that the Irish wolfhound weighs more than the average Scottish deerhound. For example, the Irish wolfhound frequently weighs 130-160 pounds, while the Scottish deerhound weighs 75-110 pounds total.

Given the fact that both the Irish wolfhound and the Scottish deerhound are hunting dogs, they have extremely powerful noses as well as hunting instincts. They are both extremely dignified, calm, and eager to please. However, the Scottish deerhound seems more sensitive to the emotions of their owner compared to the Irish wolfhound. It is best to be calm and consistent with both of these breeds, though they both enjoy a variety of homes and family situations.

The final difference between the Irish wolfhound and the Scottish deerhound is their life spans. The Scottish deerhound live slightly longer than at the Irish wolfhound, likely due to the size differences between these two breeds. For example, the Irish wolfhound only lives an average of 6 to 10 years, while the Scottish deerhound lives an average of 8 to 11 years total. 041b061a72


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