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Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) Review

Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) is the latest version of the popular DJ software that allows you to mix audio and video files, create remixes, mashups, and live performances. It is the ultimate edition of Virtual DJ, with unlimited access to all features, plugins, and content. In this article, we will review some of the key features and benefits of Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED).


Cutting-edge technology

Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) uses the most advanced technology to provide you with the best mixing experience. Some of the highlights are:

  • Real-time audio separation: You can isolate and manipulate any element of any track, such as vocals, instruments, kicks, snares, etc. This allows you to create live mashups and seamless transitions, as well as remix and edit songs on the fly.

  • Video and karaoke mixing: You can mix video files with audio files, or use video as a background for your audio tracks. You can also host karaoke events with lyrics display and singer rotation.

  • Stem pads: You can assign up to 8 pads per deck to trigger different stems of a track, such as drums, bass, melody, etc. You can also adjust the volume and filter of each stem individually.

  • ModernEQs: You can choose from different types of EQs for each deck, such as classic, isolator, or dynamic. You can also use the frequency colored waveforms to visually identify the different elements of a track.

Customizable and versatile

Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) gives you the freedom to customize and adapt the software to your needs and preferences. Some of the options are:

  • Skins: You can choose from hundreds of skins to change the look and feel of the software. You can also create your own skins or download skins from other users.

  • Controllers: You can use any MIDI or HID controller to control the software. Virtual DJ supports over 300 controllers from different brands and models. You can also map your own controller or keyboard using the vdjscript language.

  • Plugins: You can extend the functionality of the software with various plugins, such as effects, samples, generators, etc. You can also create your own plugins or download plugins from other users.

  • Content: You can access millions of songs, videos, and karaoke files from various sources, such as SoundCloud Go+, iDJPool, VJPro, etc. You can also use your own local files or stream from other devices.

Affordable and reliable

Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) is a one-time purchase that gives you lifetime access to all features, updates, and support. You do not need to pay any subscription fees or hidden charges. The software is also stable and secure, with regular bug fixes and improvements. Virtual DJ has been around for more than 20 years, and has been downloaded by more than 152 million users worldwide. It is the most popular DJ software on the market, trusted by both amateurs and professionals.


Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) is a powerful and versatile DJ software that offers everything you need to create amazing mixes and performances. It combines cutting-edge technology with customizable options and affordable pricing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED) will help you take your DJing skills to the next level.

If you want to learn more about Virtual DJ Pro 2020 Infinity (ED), you can visit their official website, read their Wikipedia page, or download their free trial version.


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