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Physics For Science And Technology Tipler Mosca 6th Pdf

The students should get an overview over phenomena which only appear on surfaces and interfaces (e.g. how to make water running uphill?). The course deals with special structural and electronic properties of liquid and solid surfaces as well as their relevance in many fields of modern material science and nanotechnology. Surfaces between solids and liquids can be found in most of the physical, chemical, biological and geological systems, as well as in many technological processes. Although the number of atoms or molecules at these surfaces is comparatively small, this "minority" can often dominate or even control the behavior of large (macroscopic) systems. Topics:

Physics For Science And Technology Tipler Mosca 6th Pdf

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Optical traps and optical micro-manipulation techniques do have the potential to play a key role in future micro- and nanosystems in conjunction with the life sciences. In this lecture the students should learn what is doable with optical forces, where physical limits are and what is limited by nowadays technology. Besides fascinating fundamental research various applications related to biology or fluctuation based systems are presented. The lecture is manifold and teaches basics in optics, statistical physics and biology/biophsics. The tutorials help the students to get a more in depth and thorough understanding of the lecture. Here, a special focus is put on the transfer of knowledge obtained in the lecture. To achieve this the students should prepare weekly exercise and present them during the tutorial. Only difficult exercises are presented by the tutors. Content:

1. Introduction 2. Light - Information carrier and actor 3. About microscopy 4. Light scattering 5. Optical forces 6. Tracking beyond the uncertainty 7. Brownian motion and calibration techniques 8. Photonic force microscopy 9. Applications in cell biophysics 10. Time-multiplexing and holographics optical traps 11. Applications in microsystems technology 12. Applications in nanotechnology 350c69d7ab


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