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Not everyone have the time to get to a gym or money for consistent 1 on 1 PT session. I will provide you with individualised program designed best to your specifics, training and environmental tool available to you.

This service comes with direct support, keep track on your progress with regular updates and feedbacks via phone, text or email.




A body transformation are a balance between diet, exercise , rest and lifestyle.  I will tailor your package to a realistic time frame but mostly 12 to 15weeks at least.

These changes have very quick effect on the body and can be quite harmful to your health, but bare in mind the effects don't last forever but can be reasonably  maintained.

The package comes with full nutritional plan and exercise plan. A very high level of commitment is necessary but finding something that motivates you like a wedding, dream holiday or just a make good feeling Photoshoot. I WILL MOTIVATE YOU. 

Price starts at £2000 ...



With my experience in weightlifting  competitions. I run a 8weeks comp prepp helping you with the right weight class and category to enter.


Opening lifts

Weight cutting

From Powerlifting, Olympic lifting or Strongman 

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