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Jonathan Kreisberg One 2013

Jonathan Kreisberg One 2013

Jonathan Kreisberg is a jazz guitarist and composer who has been praised for his innovative style and originality. In 2013, he released his solo album One, which features him playing acoustic guitar on 11 tracks, ranging from standards to originals. The album showcases his virtuosity, creativity, and versatility as a musician, as well as his deep respect for the jazz tradition.


The album was recorded live in a studio in New York, with no overdubs or edits. Kreisberg wanted to capture the spontaneity and intimacy of a live performance, as well as the challenge of playing solo. He said: "I wanted to make a record that was honest and pure, and that reflected my musical journey up to this point. I also wanted to challenge myself and see what I could do with just one instrument and one voice."

The album features a mix of jazz standards and original compositions by Kreisberg. Some of the standards include Canto de Ossanha, a Brazilian song by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes; Summertime, the classic Gershwin tune from Porgy and Bess; Skylark, a beautiful ballad by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer; and My Favorite Things, the Rodgers and Hammerstein song popularized by John Coltrane. Kreisberg gives his own interpretation of these songs, adding his own harmonic and melodic twists, as well as improvising freely over the changes.

The original compositions by Kreisberg showcase his compositional skills and his diverse influences. Some of the originals include Without Shadow, a haunting piece inspired by a poem by Rumi; Caravan, a tribute to Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol, with a Middle Eastern flavor; Hallelujah, a reharmonization of the Leonard Cohen song, with a gospel feel; and Escape from Lower Formant Shifts, a complex and angular piece that explores different tonalities and rhythms.

The album received critical acclaim from both fans and critics, who praised Kreisberg's mastery of the guitar, his expressive tone, his inventive arrangements, and his emotional depth. The album was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album in 2014.

One is available on CD and on streaming platforms. You can also watch some videos of Kreisberg performing songs from the album on YouTube. If you are a fan of jazz guitar, or just curious about what one man can do with one instrument, you should definitely check out this album.

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