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The Tourist was not only an enhanced R 100, but a completely new motorcycle. Instead of a rigid frame, the tail was fitted with a suspension. Equipped with swingarm, oil damped fork legs and a cushioned bench the Tourist was really comfortable. Small 16 inch wheels with wide tyres ensured optimum handiness. Also the engine was completely new. While the engine of the R 100 with pull starter and handshifted two-speed gearbox was a construction of the 1930s, KTM now relied on the state-of-the-art Fichtel & Sachs-three-gear-engine with foot control and kickstarter that was manufactured at the Austrian Rotax factory with official certification.


Erich Trunkenpolz, the son of the KTM founder, even competed at road races with a KTM Tourist. In KTMs hometown Mattighofen he thrilled the audience, when he won the 125cc class for touring bikes on a standard KTM Tourist and subsequently finished second in the bigger 175cc class.

Sono lieto di scoprire questa pagina. Devo ringraziarvi per il tempo che ho dedicato a questa lettura particolarmente eccellente !! Ho apprezzato ogni parte e vi ho anche inserito i bookmarks per nuove informazioni sul vostro sito.

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